Monday, December 7, 2015

Home Invasion on 30th Avenue Near Beach Adds to Venice Victim Tally

On 30th Avenue near the beach a mentally ill female transient climbs through doggie door at 1 AM on Sunday, December 20th, adding one more home invasion to the victim tally.

The Venice victim tally since August 2013: 

  • Deranged transient Nathan Campbell, living in his car in Venice, mows down 17 pedestrians on Boardwalk with his car and kills young Italian woman in a rage over being ripped off in a drug deal gone bad.
  • Transient brutally assaults resident Robert DiMassa on walk street because DiMassa's service dog urinated on the sidewalk near where the camper was sleeping.
  • Five home invasions between April 8 and November 29, 2014 - four by wasted, mentally ill transients - in a six block area centered on Windward and Riviera.
  • Clabe Hartley's fingertip bitten off by transient Jonathan Lemons on Washington Blvd.
  • Homeless Jose Gonzalez dies April 19th after suffering a blow from transient Thomas Glover on Abbot Kinney at California. 
  • The death of transient Brendon Glenn on May 5th in altercation with LAPD on Windward. 
  • Transient Jason Davis shot on July 14th by LAPD at Groundworks Cafe on Rose after approaching police with a knife.  He later died of his wounds.
  • At Third and Rose in July, homeless Sam Cosentino is stabbed multiple times by another transient, requiring hospitalization of Cosentino.
  • Two transients shot on the Boardwalk at Dudley on August 30th, apparently in altercation over camping spaces.  One dies at the scene and one is transported to the hospital and later released.
  • Transient Mark Scanlan hurls chair at restaurateur Clabe Hartley, striking him in the back of the head.  The injury results in a severe concussion and requires five staples in Hartley's scalp.
  • A knife-wielding transient invades apartment at 28th and Speedway on October 12, 2015; resident flees to a neighbor's apartment and calls police.  Police apprehend a possible suspect though he is later released.
  • On Saturday, October 17th, resident John Frane is punched in the face and knocked to the pavement by a transient on Third Street near Rose after he and his partner are called "girls" by a group of anti-gay transients
  • On October 29th on the Boardwalk at Sunset and Pacific a 25 year-old black male transient attacked a rollerblader, knocking him unconscious.
  • On Thanksgiving Day a white transient in his early 20s climbed up to the second story of 36 Paloma, broke in through a window and proceeded to help himself to a shower. He was later discovered by one of the owners - stark naked - going through her possessions.  He was described as mentally ill by those who interacted with him.  He was arrested by the LAPD.
  • On November 28th visitors Aria Lahmann and Tyler Seiders were attacked by a female transient wielding a vacuum cleaner wand on the Boardwalk.  The incident and several others involving transients were captured on video and broadcast on December 1st at:
  • On December 20th at about 1 AM resident Marilyn Roland awoke to find a mentally ill female transient mumbling to herself next to Roland's bed.  The transient had crawled through the doggie door.  Roland fled to her garage with her cell phone and called 911.  The transient left the house but was arrested by police.  However, since Roland could not positively identify the woman due to lack of light in her bedroom, the woman was released.
Message to Mike Bonin and Eric Garcetti

Drain the swamp:  stop the camping along Venice Beach, the walk streets, Mildred, Venice Boulevard, Grand Avenue and on Third Street, stop the storage of tons of transients' stuff on Venice Beach and local sidewalks, bring back the City's ordinance banning "sitting, lying, sleeping" on sidewalks and establish 300 foot buffer from residences for camping or unattended property.

Or more people - residents, visitors and transients - will be harmed in Venice by the lawless conditions the City continues to allow to exist here.