Friday, October 25, 2019

Judge Beckloff Sides with VSA on Misuse of Environmental Exemption and Lack of Attention to Noise Impacts of Venice Bridge Housing Project

This morning Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff indicated that he had drafted a tentative ruling that would throw out the City of Los Angeles' environmental review of the Bridge Housing project proposed for the former MTA bus lot in Venice.

Beckloff told the parties that under his tentative ruling, the city would be denied a categorical exemption and would have to conduct further environmental studies.  In particular, he noted that the city's review of noise impacts of the project on surrounding residents was inadequate.

The judge held up issuing his ruling to allow time for the city, MTA and the VSA to prepare briefings on the implications of recently passed AB 1197, which removed environmental review requirements in the future for projects similar to the Venice project.  AB 1197 was not retroactive, though the judge conjectured that it might have some implications for the Venice Bridge Housing project and asked for written presentations by all sides.

A new hearing is scheduled in the case on December 11th.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Venice Stakeholders Association files Amicus Brief in the matter of Boise v. Martin

Attorney Jeff Lewis has filed an Amicus Brief on behalf of Venice Stakeholders Association in the U.S. Supreme Court matter of Boise v. Martin pertaining to a “cruel and unusual punishment” challenge to the power of the government to address homeless camping on public property. 

A white paper discussion of the controversy prepared by the attorneys representing Boise is available here: 

Other amicus briefs filed by various third parties may be accessed here:

You can read the VSA brief here: