Friday, March 29, 2019

Please Donate to Lawsuit to Stop Bridge Housing on the MTA Lot

Earlier this month our attorney filed a third lawsuit, this one against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, for its failure, just like the City and Coastal Commission, to consider any of the expected environmental impacts on residents, school children and the surrounding neighborhood.  

Or to offer mitigations, like a much smaller project, more parking, a sound wall, installation of planter boxes on the sidewalks around the facility, measures to prevent polluted run-off to the beach, and private 24-hour security.

This week we filed a motion for a preliminary injunction - a request to the judge for him to bar any construction on the MTA lot until the cases have been heard and a decision has been rendered - which is unlikely until much later this year or next.

The City will reply to our brief next week and then we will reply to their brief.  We could be before the judge on the injunction motion by April 15th.

This is all to say that the suit is moving very quickly and that it is eating up our retainer very quickly, too.

So, please, if you have already contributed, please "double-up" and contribute the same again.  If you have not contributed, please donate $1,000 to $2,500 now.  

See the button on the right to donate by credit card. Checks may be sent to VSA, 1615 Andalusia Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

These lawsuits are the only barrier standing in the way of the City putting up a huge 154-bed shelter in our residential neighborhood and attracting hundreds more homeless to Venice.  Once the Bridge Housing is full, the new arrivals will be camping out all around the site - just as they do now around St. Joseph Center.  This is not the place for this shelter and the only way we can stop it is to support this lawsuit.

Thanks for your help.  Mark Ryavec