Monday, January 14, 2013

Stop the Boardwalk storage program


Dear VSA Supporters,
Please send an email to Councilman Bill Rosendahl and the Venice Neighborhood Council regarding the Homeless Beach Locker Enablement Program as soon as possible.
The intention of homeless advocates - Linda Lucks, Steve Clare, David Ewing, etc. - is to assist the hundreds of transients living along the Boardwalk, in the park and on the walk streets to continue to occupy these public spaces. These advocates estimate that 80 campers can store their stuff in this container on any given day.  
Such facilities are counter productive unless they are provided in the context of transitional housing and services such as job training, drug rehab and mental health counseling. 
Other cities with successful homeless serving programs, such as Santa Monica, avoid such stand-alone "locker" and storage facilities because they have proved to just make it easier for the campers to stay on the street and in the parks and do not draw them into counseling and housing.
Lucks, et al, hope to put the program into place without public comment or support!!!
Send your comments to <>,  <>, <> to stop the Boardwalk storage program.
PLEASE WRITE NOW!!  The Venice Neighborhood Council will hear this matter on January 22nd.
Just send a simple message:  No Storage lockers on the beachfront please...
Please also attend the VNC Board meeting Tuesday evening at 7 PM at Westminster School to oppose the storage locker program.
Thanks for helping us make Venice a safer and cleaner place to live.
Mark Ryavec