Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anatomy of the Roof-Top Escape from a Venice Beach Transient

(Editor’s note:  This is another installment in the series about home invasions and attacks on Venice residents committed by transients living in or near the Venice Beach Recreation Area.  Many have seen the photos and video; it went viral on the internet.  Here are the chilling details.)

(9/24/14)  My single, female next door neighbor/tenant was awoken by a homeless, completely drugged out man trying to open her front door. After seeing him walk away she went back to bed and was jolted up again 8 minutes later by him kicking in that same front door. 

Upon making eye contact he proceeded to climb up the ladder into her loft where she slept, then chase her out of her bedroom window onto the roof. She was dressed in just a small flannel shirt with nothing on below. Luckily, an off-duty police officer happened to be driving by and saw him breaking in and called the police immediately. 

A picture captured by Twitter user @Venice311 showed a women hiding from a man who had allegedly broke into her home.

After chasing her onto the roof this crackhead was met by the police arriving at the scene. This spiraled into a 40 minute 'stand off' with her on one side of the roof and him on the other side and the house surrounded by police. Finally the Fire Dept. arrived to provide a ladder and get her and him down.

To add insult to near injury she wasn't given a blanket or shirt or anything to cover up her completely naked lower body, even as she climbed backwards down the ladder in front of 50 gawking neighbors/police officers/ firefighters....

Less than 30 minutes before this incident, this same homeless man was in handcuffs in front of my house.  Numerous neighborhood residents had seen him walking around throwing stuff, yelling, and being a scary nuisance. Two homeowners called 911 to report that he was trying to climb their fence and get into their yard, which resulted in his questioning in handcuffs, and then eventual release a few minutes later. After the police left, he was so drugged out that he decided to kick-in my tenant’s front door literally 20 yards from where police had him cuffed 15 minutes earlier.

My house, right next door to hers, was broken into twice within 45 days over the past year. Both times the front door was kicked in and anything that could be grabbed was. After the second incident I decided to put bars on all my windows and metals screen doors in the front and back. Both times it took over 30 minutes for the police to arrive, the second time it happened within minutes of my wife getting home and she basically scared them they were still right in the neighborhood yet it took that long for someone to respond.
This is NOT blaming police officers, they are doing their job...There just aren't enough of them in our neighborhood. 

Are these types of brazen home invasions tolerated elsewhere in LA? What if your wife/daughter/sister was chased naked onto a roof by a crackhead, would that elicit more of a response to this problem?
We as residents do not feel like our voices are being heard and enough is enough. Does it take another murder ? See: