Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Drain the Swamp, Mr. Bonin

Breaking News – Fatal Shooting on Windward Avenue at Venice Beach

The Venice victim tally since August 2013

  • Deranged transient living in his car in Venice mows down 17 pedestrians on Boardwalk with his car and kills young Italian woman in a rage over being ripped off in a drug deal gone bad.
  • Transient brutally assaults resident Robert DiMassa on walk street because DiMassa's service dog urinated on the sidewalk near where the camper was sleeping.
  • Five home invasions - four by wasted, mentally ill transients - in a six block area centered on Windward and Riviera.
  • Clabe Hartley's fingertip bitten off by transient on Washington Blvd.
  • Homeless Jose Gonzalez dies April 19th after suffering a blow from transient Thomas Glover on Abbot Kinney at California. 
  • And now the death of transient Brendon Glenn on May 5th in altercation with LAPD on Windward. 
Message to Mike Bonin and Eric Garcetti:

Drain the swamp:  stop the camping on Venice Beach, stop the storage of tons of transients' stuff on Venice Beach, and bring back the City's ordinance banning "sitting, lying, sleeping" on sidewalks.

Or more people - residents, visitors and transients - will be harmed in Venice by the lawless conditions the City has allowed to exist here.