Thursday, January 21, 2016

Volunteer at Venice Community Housing Corp Threatens to Kill Venice Resident's Family over Her Posting of Petition Request

The family of Venice resident Celeste Chada has been threatened online by a volunteer with the Venice Community Housing Corporation for Chada's posting of a petition request on the Venice Community FaceBook forum.

Chada’s post asked Venice residents to sign a petition opposing a Motion submitted by former VNC president Linda Lucks to convert the Westminster Senior Citizens Center across the street from Westminster Elementary School to a homeless services/storage facility and parking lot for campers and vehicle dwellers. 

On January 15, 2016, a woman identifying herself as VCHC volunteer Ruth Lorio wrote a message on the same thread threatening the life of Chada’s family.  Lorio wrote:

'you are a vile human being. I would like to take everything you own, give you major health problems, kill off your family and throw you on the street and then document it for a reality TV show the profits of which go to a homeless charity. Leave Venice. You don't belong here.'

Lorio later deleted her post, though Chada saved a screen shot of it.

Chada passed on the threat to LAPD Captain Nicole Alberca who assigned it to Detective Witzer.  Witzer told Chada that because she did not know Lorio and since this was the first instance of a threat, he did not think that the City could prosecute Lorio.

When Chada sent it to Facebook as an objectionable post, Facebook responded that it didn’t violate their “community standards.”

When someone posted an online threat several years ago to firebomb this writer’s house, LAPD Captain Jon Peters said it was a prosecutable offense but the investigation found that the computer from which it originated was in a community room at the Hollywood Gay and Lesbian Service Center and thus it was not possible to identity the culprit.

The VSA joins Ms. Chada in opposing the placement of even more transient-gathering spots in Venice, next to residences and in this instance an elementary school.  With all the public land in Los Angeles there is no reason to place homeless serving facilities right next to homes or a school.