Friday, May 20, 2016

ALERT: Please Send Message to Councilman Bonin Asking for Reinstatement of the Car Camping Ban

Please send the following message to Councilman Bonin:

Dear Councilman Bonin,

Venice continues to be inundated by scores of people living in their vehicles right next to schools and residences with all the problems that this generates.

The City Attorney last year presented the City Council with new language for LAMC 85.02 that meets the constitutional concerns of the court.  You can view it in CF 14-1057 and City Attorney Report R15-0088.  The CA's report includes alternative language that would allow car camping at remote locations in conjunction with participation in a program with social service agencies to find permanent housing.

I am writing to ask that you press your colleagues on the Homeless and Poverty Committee to pass this new version of LAMC 85.02 and send it to the City Council for a vote.

Thank you,

Mark Ryavec, President, Venice Stakeholders Association

cc:  Chad Molnar, Debbie Dyner-Harris

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