Saturday, December 17, 2016

Year End Request for Donation

Would you consider a year-end donation to the VSA?  All contributions are tax deductible.

Even though I am in a campaign for City Council, the VSA is active on several fronts.
Our appeal is pending in our lawsuit against the City and the County of Los Angeles for maintaining a public nuisance along the Boardwalk and beachfront.

We continue to represent residents in efforts to stop the councilman's unilateral and misguided efforts to:

1.  Convert the Westminster Center to homeless storage and counseling.

2.  To build 156 dense, traffic-producing apartments on the Thatcher Yard in the Oxford Triangle.

3.  To build 120 units of housing for the chronically homeless - who are frequently drug addicted and/or mentally ill - on the Venice Blvd. median next to the Canals.

(I was in City Hall testifying against both the Thatcher Yard and Venice median projects last week.)

4.  To build a massive project on the site of the MTA bus yard on Main Street without community input or consultation with the Venice Neighborhood Council.

The VSA also continues to press for return to enforcement of the "no sleeping on a sidewalk" ordinance 24 hours a day, with the offer of a shelter bed in every instance, and to remove campers from proximity to residences.  We are lobbying for enforcement of the new version of LAMC 56.11 to reduce the amount of stuff on sidewalks to the amount that can fit into a 60 gallon city trash bin.
We would welcome your contribution to support these efforts.

Donations may be made using the donation button on this page or a check payable to the Venice Stakeholders Association may be sent to the VSA at 1615 Andalusia Avenue, Venice, CA 90291.

Best wishes to all our supporters for the holidays!

Thank you. 

Mark Ryavec