Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Venice Resident Bruce Campbell Succinctly Pushes Back at LA Times for "Shaming" Venetians as NIMBYs

To Roger Vincent, LA Times -

Thank you for today’s article regarding the new 125,000 square foot, $200 million Pacific Palisades Village Center. Great that this swanky area will have a new Amazon bookstore, but disappointing that, as in most new local commercial developments, there is no affordable or homeless housing component.

Meanwhile, the LA Times editorial board has been berating Los Angeles residents for lack of compassion and being NIMBY’s for not welcoming outsized public housing projects with open arms in their neighborhoods. We are being told that proposition H and HHH money is just a down payment for the funds that will be needed.

Why shouldn’t all parts of council district 11 have to share in providing affordable housing? For example 300,000 square feet of commercial development in Westchester was approved by the city last year on former FAA land, without any housing component. Acres and acres of Playa Vista continue to be developed with exclusively market-rate units. The former Westside Pavillon will be converted to office space with nary an affordable unit.

It’s hard to take the argument seriously that “we are not doing enough” when only a few neighborhoods in the city are expected to carry the load of providing the city’s low-income housing.


Bruce Campbell