Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Please Circulate Resolution to Stop Camping on Venice Beach

Friends, we need 100 original signatures to force the VNC to put on their agenda a resolution calling on the city to enforce the law and stop camping on Venice Beach.

The Resolution is below.  Print it out and get as many signatures as you can and then drop it off to 1615 Andalusia Avenue.  We have until this Friday to submit the signatures to the Administrative Committee to get this on the VNC agenda in October.  Otherwise, we will slide until November.

Resolution Calling for the City of Los Angeles to Clear Venice Beach of All Tents and Personal Possessions Every Night

Whereas, the City of Los Angeles’s Municipal Code section 63.44 prohibits any person from engaging in camping on any beach in the City of Los Angeles, except those few designated for such purposes; and

Whereas, section 63.44 prohibits any person from erecting a tent, or using or occupying any tent on any beach in the city; and

Whereas, section 63.44 prohibits a person from entering, remaining, staying or loitering in any park which consists of an ocean area, beach, or pier between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 5:00 o’clock a.m. of the following day; and

Whereas, section 63.44 states no person shall bring into any beach park any bulky item without a permit therefor; and 63.44 defines "Bulky Item" as any item that is too large to fit in one of the City's 60 gallon trash containers with the lid closed, including, but not limited to, a mattress, couch, chair or other furniture or appliance; and

Whereas, section 63.44 states that no person shall store personal property in any Beach Park and further states:

  • All Stored Personal Property remaining in any Beach Park after closing may be removed by the City.

  • Personal Property placed in a Beach Park shall be deemed to be Stored Personal Property if it has not been removed from the Beach Park prior to the daily closure of the Beach Park.  Moving Personal Property to another location in the same Beach Park or another Beach Park or any other Public Area as defined in Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 56.11, shall not be considered removing the Personal Property from the Beach Park. 

  • The City may remove and discard any non-permitted Bulky Item from a Beach Park without prior notice.

  • In the event Personal Property placed in a Beach Park poses an immediate threat to the health or safety of the public, the City may remove and discard it without prior notice.

Therefore be it resolved, the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon the City of Los Angeles to immediately and continually stop all camping in the Venice Beach Recreation Area (VBRA) pursuant to LAMC 63.44, to remove all tents throughout the day and night, prohibit all items that exceed the size limits of LAMC 63.44 from entering the VBRA at any time, and to remove all personal possessions upon park closure every night.

Submitted to the Venice Neighborhood Council by:

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