Tuesday, January 22, 2019

ALERT - Please Tell the City Planning Commission to Oppose 718-20 Rose Avenue


Please send the following message to the Los Angeles Planning Commission opposing Venice Community Housing Corp's proposal to build the first four-story building in the Oakwood neighborhood.  As is readily evident from the previous meeting notice, the project will dwarf everything else in Oakwood and set a dangerous predecent for future development.

The VCHC is soliciting non-Venice residents to deluge the Commission with emails.  We need to fight back to protect Venice from over-development. 

Dear President Millman and Members of the Los Angeles Planning Commission, 

Please oppose the VCHC's 718-20 Rose Avenue project.  It is too tall, too dense, has too little parking, and is way out of character with Venice.  It is extremely out of step with both the Venice Specific Plan and the desires of residents for Venice to remain a low-rise community.  Approving its 45-foot height and almost no parking will set a dangerous precedent. Send it back to the drawing board!

Send to: Samantha Millman <cpc@lacity.org>
               Oliver Netburn <Oliver.Netburn@lacity.org>

Please send your message of opposition today; the hearing is this Thursday!