Thursday, February 25, 2021

Maintain Pedestrian Safety at Windward Traffic Circle


Please sign the petition at to stop a misguided effort to install a crosswalk to the island in the middle of the Windward Traffic Circle.

Some years ago the city's Department of Transportation installed "No Pedestrians" signs all around the Windward Traffic Circle to keep the public from crossing over to the island.

This was done because the bollards placed around the circle block drivers' ability to see "around the curve" as they drive around the circle.  This inability to be able to easily see ahead imperils any pedestrian who attempts to cross to the island.  This is especially true for youngsters who are no taller than the bollards.

The "No Pedestrians" signs also help prevent graffiti to the Robert Graham sculpture and bar campers from setting up tents on the island.

A misguided group of local students is circulating a petition to have crosswalks installed directly to and from the island in an east-to-west direction.

Help us stop this unsafe proposal by signing the petition. 


One of the many supporters of this petition wrote:

I am an orthopedic surgeon and take care of motor vehicle - motor vehicle, motor vehicle - pedestrian and e-scooter related collisions and injuries. Please do not make the traffic circle area unsafe by allowing pedestrians to cross into the middle of the traffic circle. This is a terrible idea and will create a massive safety hazard.

Dr. Lanny Rudner