Thursday, April 26, 2012

Please Ask Rosendahl to Enforce City Ordinances

Dear VSA Supporter:

As you are undoubtedly aware, the City of Los Angeles, under City Councilman Rosendahl's authority, is permitting large encampments of transients to exist at several locations in Venice.  We know from past experience that within these populations are some individuals who are prone to intimidation of residents, assaults, violence, drug sales and use, stabbings, burglary and even murder.  We also believe that the City, the County and various social service agencies and non-profits organizations are currently woefully incapable of enticing those living in these camps to accept services, housing or assistance of any kind that would remove this threat from our neighborhoods in a timely manner.

Thus we ask that you print out the following letter onto your stationery and send it to Councilman Rosendahl with copies to Mayor Villaraigosa, Chief Charles Beck and Captain Jon Peters by first class mail.  Should you prefer to communicate electronically, their email addresses are also provided below.

Thank you for helping to make our community safer.

Mark Ryavec
President, Venice Stakeholders Association

P.S.  Please forward this message to your neighbors and friends in Venice.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl
City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA  90012

Dear Councilman Rosendahl:

I respectfully ask that you immediately order the LAPD to enforce existing laws against sitting, lying and sleeping on public property between 6 AM and 9 PM, on occupying public property without a permit, obstructing the public way, obstructing ADA access, and storing personal possessions on public property.  I also ask that you immediately introduce an amendment to the Boardwalk Vending ordinance to remove the spaces for public feeding programs.

You are currently playing Russian roulette with the citizens of Venice.  

Within the encampments you are allowing to exist and grow on 3rd Avenue, in the Farmers Market parking lot and elsewhere in Venice are individuals who are mentally ill, addicted to various drugs, and those prone to violence.  The assault on a young couple on April 14th by several campers living on 3rd Avenue and the stabbing at the Farmers Market parking lot on April 21st underscore the violent element living in these encampments.  It was not a coincidence that Boneetio Washington, who raped and murdered pregnant Eun Kang on Electric Avenue, routinely visited a public feeding program in Venice.  The feeding stations, which serve no purpose in helping these individuals leave the street life, are a magnet and an enabler.  The unsupervised encampments, in violation of several City ordinances, also enable these individuals to continue their life on the street and are a magnet for more transients to settle in Venice, which puts violence prone individuals close to our homes and families. 

On April 18, 2012, Mayor Villaraigosa told VSA president Mark Ryavec that you control whether the LAPD cites the violations of the Municipal Code concerning occupation of public space in your district and that his office has taken a hands-off approach in deference to the prerogatives of the Councilman of the district.

Please exercise your clear authority to remove these dangerous encampments from our neighborhood.


cc:    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
        City Hall
        200 North Spring Street
        Los Angeles, CA  90012

        Charles Beck, Chief of Police
        Los Angeles Police Department
        100 West 1st Street
        Los Angeles, CA 90012

        Captain Jon Peters
        Commander, Pacific Division
        Los Angeles Police Department
        12312 Culver Boulevard
        Los Angeles, CA  90066

Councilman Bill Rosendahl <>
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa c/o <>
Police Chief Charlie <>
Captain Jon Peters <>