Saturday, November 7, 2015

VSA Opposes Vacation of Public Easement at NW Corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd.

November 4, 2015

Councilman Mike Bonin  (             
City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA  90012

Joey Vasquez   (
Hearing Officer
Department of City Planning
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA  90012

Re: 1656 South Abbot Kinney Blvd./Case #: TT -72841-REV, ENV-2015-2716-MND, DIR-2015 -823-CDP
Dear Councilman Bonin and Mr. Vasquez:

I am writing on behalf of our organization to oppose the proposal to abandon and vacate any portion of the street dedication at 1656 Abbot Kinney Boulevard and 583 Venice Boulevard, on the northwest corner of Venice and Abbot Kinney Boulevards.

This land is located at the intersection of two of the main boulevards in Venice, and is currently used for important public purposes, providing a significant segment of the tree lined parkway bordering Venice Boulevard. This land and 43 other contiguous dedications of land along Venice Boulevard are part of an approved landscaping plan for Venice Boulevard, the City of Los Angeles Venice Boulevard Planting Plan,” adopted by the City Engineer in May, 1995.

The current municipal easement for future public uses and landscaping was wisely adopted many years ago to allow the City to expand the street with transportation and park improvements.  One can easily imagine this land being used to accommodate future projects such as a light rail system on Venice Boulevard and/or the installation of a wide bike lane plus jogging path that would be physically separate from the boulevard itself.

There are other alternatives to vacation of the easement that would maintain future public uses.  These include a Public Works Revocable Permit which would allow private use until such time as the property is needed for new public transportation uses.  Further, vacation of this easement would set a dangerous precedent for all the other similar easements along Venice Boulevard, leading to a significantly diminished parkway on each side of the boulevard and greatly limit the City’s future transportation and landscaping options.

We believe it would be shortsighted and improper for the City to relinquish any rights to this land.

Thank you for your consideration of our thoughts on this matter.


Mark Ryavec
Mark Ryavec