Sunday, July 3, 2016

Full Frontal on Rialto Avenue

Summer is here and with it all the bizarre behavior we associate with our lawless community this time of year. Residents on the 400 block of Rialto Avenue woke up this morning to see a naked man running around in the street. Apparently he had not read the fine print of the Venice Neighborhood Council's topless sunbathing proposal and must have thought we'd already returned to earlier days when nude sunbathing was tolerated in Venice Beach. Police were called and 20 minutes later they arrived. They got him to get dressed and then arrested him.
The resident who took the photo on the right had earlier taken her dog out through the alley for a walk and found another man asleep in her neighbor's parking spot. 

Combine sun, beach, drugs and free food programs with Bonin's lack of enforcement and his proposals for housing and storage, and Venice is just irresistible for the travelers, drifters, dopers and the deranged - and now naturalists.