Friday, July 8, 2016

VSA Now Collecting Sponsors for Resolution to Remove Encampments from Public Sidewalks Near Residences - the Boardwalk, Walk Streets, Market Street, Third Street, Rose, Hampton, Sunset, Fourth Street and Behind Ralphs, etc.


The homeless situation has gotten completely out of control in Venice but there is a solution.

The City can and must go back to enforcing the “no sitting, lying or sleeping on a sidewalk” ordinance.

This ordinance (LAMC 41.18) is still on the books.  

All the City has to do to be able to use it again is to prove to the court that over the last 8 years the City has built or funded the building of 1,250 units of permanent supportive housing.  The City's Housing Department predicted that figure would be reached last October.

The Resolution below will be submitted to the newly elected Venice Neighborhood Council for action and from there, we hope, to Councilman Bonin and Mayor Garcetti.

We want to show them that there is plenty of support in Venice to break up the encampments, move them away from residences and at the same time offer rapid re-housing to those campers who want it.

If you support this approach please send your name and address to the VSA at:

Your address will not be released publicly; we are asking for it to establish that you are a Venice resident.

We have over 140 sponsors at the time of this posting.

Resolution Calling for the City of Los Angeles to Conclude the Jones Settlement and Return to Enforcement of the “No sitting, lying or sleeping on a sidewalk” Ordinance (LAMC 41.18 (d)) within 300 Feet of a Residentially Zoned Property

Whereas, the current City practice of allowing encampments of transients to exist right next to residences is intolerable and uncivilized, depriving residents of sleep, free use of sidewalks and a zone of safety and quiet next to their homes, and

Whereas, individuals in these encampments frequently trespass on the property of nearby residents, to defecate and urinate, to engage in theft and vandalism and burglary, or to store their possessions; and

Whereas, tents allowed in such encampments routinely entirely block sidewalks and violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and force both the able and disabled into the street to pass; and

Whereas, the City fails to enforce the requirement that no tent be erected before 9 PM and all tents be dissembled by 6 AM; and

Whereas, the City fails to enforce the existing bar on sitting, lying or sleeping between 6 AM and 9 PM; and

Whereas, the City fails to enforce LAMC 56.11 banning bulky items, attachments to fences and walls, and limiting possessions stored on sidewalks to that which can be contained in a 60 gallon City trash receptacle; and

Whereas, encampments are breeding grounds for disease, rats and insects and produce tons of trash which in Venice is driven in the rainy season directly to storm drains and then into Santa Monica Bay; and

Whereas, LAMC 41.18 is still in effect and the only impediment to its enforcement is the 2007 Jones Settlement, in which the City agreed in  a civil lawsuit to refrain from enforcing 41.18 until it had built or caused to be built 1,250 units of permanent, supportive housing; and

Whereas, the Los Angeles Housing & Community Investment Department produced a report in early 2015 that anticipated that the City would meet the requirements of the Jones Settlement by October of 2015; and

Whereas, eight months have elapsed since October of 2015 and it can be reasonably assumed that the City has now more than met the target of 1,250 units of permanent, supportive housing; and

Whereas, Captain Nicole Alberca, Commander of the LAPD Pacific Division, has recently stated that officers who are making daily contacts with campers in Venice report an increase in out of state youth 18-26 years of age, both males and females, who refer to themselves as "drifters" or "travelers" and do not see themselves as homeless and as such, they have not accepted outreach for housing placement; and 

Whereas, Tim Pardue, the former director of the Teen Project P.A.D. on Market Street, has reported that approximately 70 percent of their 16-24 year old clients are from out-of- state; now

Therefore, be it resolved that the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer and the Housing & Community Investment Department to immediately present to the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, a list of the permanent, supportive units built over the last nine years in satisfaction of the settlement and that the City Attorney petition for the settlement to be declared satisfied and null and void; and

Be it further resolved that the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon the Councilman Mike Bonin, the Los Angeles City Council and Mayor Eric Garcetti to immediately amend LAMC 56.11 (the ordinance limiting storage on sidewalks) to bar any storage of personal possessions (other than a bicycle for 24 hours or less) on a sidewalk, parkway, alley or street within 300 feet of any residentially zoned property for more than one hour; and

Be it further resolved that upon the vacation of the Jones Settlement the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon the Los Angeles Police Department to begin warning anyone sitting, lying or sleeping within 300 feet of a residentially zoned property that they are in violation of LAMC 41.18; and

Be it further resolved that the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon Councilman Mike Bonin and Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (or social agencies acting on their behalf) to offer shelter beds, shared housing, Section 8 housing, transitional housing or transportation to safe family members at the same time and in conjunction with the LAMC 41.18 warnings by the LAPD; and

Be it further resolved that in instances when an individual acting in violation of LAMC 41.18 refuses to either leave the area within 300 feet of residences, or to accept housing or transportation to a safe family member, the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon Los Angeles Police Department to cite the individual for violating LAMC 41.18 and if future violations occur, to secure a stay-away order to prevent that individual from returning to camp out in Venice.