Friday, May 18, 2018

Fight Back, Venice and Oxford Triangle Association File Suits Against Permanent Supportive Housing Expediting Ordinance

Fight Back Venice & Oxford Triangle Association Team Up to Challenge the PSH Ordinance in Court

As many of you know, the new Permanent Supportive Housing Ordinance exempts homeless housing projects from height restrictions, density limits, setback minimums and parking requirements that apply to market rate developments … and creates an accelerated approval process that completely strips families of the right to comment on and challenge homeless housing projects in their communities.
It will create two tiers of residents in Los Angeles - those who enjoy full rights under state and local laws allowing them comment and, if necessary, challenge projects in their neighborhoods and those who have no rights. 
Our neighbors in the Oxford Triangle, along Venice Boulevard and in the Canals have asked for residents across Venice to support their cause to preserve the character of Venice and to prevent even greater traffic than we now face.
You can support them by clicking on the link below, which will send an email in support of the suit to Garcetti, Bonin, Feurer et al.:

Among other things, it calls out the fact that, on average, Prop. HHH units cost nearly $500,000 a piece (excluding the value of public land) and that, at the current rate of spending, the city will deliver fewer than 6,000 of the 10,000 units promised to HHH voters in 2016.  It is long overdue for the the city to reconsider such relatively lavish units, in pricey locations like Venice beach, and use the limited funds of Prop. HHH for smaller apartments located on much less expensive land inland.
Thank you for helping.