Thursday, December 5, 2019

VNC Resident Survey Shows Extreme Dissatisfaction with Mayor Garcetti, Councilman Bonin

VNC Satisfaction Survey results are in! 

The results of the first Venice Neighborhood Stakeholder Survey are in and they show residents are extremely dissatisfied with their local elected officials.

The most notable results:

--Regarding the performance of their elected officials, both LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and CD11 Councilman Mike Bonin received 79% dissatisfaction ratings from respondents.
--90% of respondents view homelessness as the greatest challenge for Venice.   74% view crime as another major issue, with 74% believing crime has gotten worse year after year.

--81% of respondents expressed levels of dissatisfaction with City services in Venice, and 48% were generally unhappy with the performance of the Venice Neighborhood Council - the local elected body and advisory board to the Los Angeles City Council. 

--44% of respondents believed there was a lack of effective [government] representation, while the proliferation of scooters at 42% was another issue Venice needs to tackle.

The several-months long study was approved by the previous Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) in May of 2019.  It was developed and conducted with the assistance of professional survey research consultants by the VNC Outreach Committee, under the leadership of former Outreach Chair Hollie Stenson.  The purpose was to achieve a baseline pulse of what Venetians are feeling about their community, and to provide this information to the newly elected VNC Board, inducted in June of 2019.  The goal was also to provide a focus for the new Board and to improve the Board's service to the Venice community.  

Participation in the survey was voluntary.  Almost 800 respondents participated in the survey about the issues most important to Venice's uniquely diverse seaside community.  

The full results are available at: and on the Council website at:

With 93% of the respondents living in Venice and 53% residing here for over 20 years, the Survey reached a core audience of long-time residents who are engaged in its challenges and issues.  

Sixty-eight percent identified as homeowners and 27% as renters.  Forty-one percent were male, while 54% were female.  Thirty-two percent were between the ages of 35-49, 62% were over the age of 50, while only 5% were between the ages of 18-34.  

"The new VNC Board is committed to serving the people we represent during our two-year term.  That's why this survey is important - we have a direction as to what Venetians want us to focus on," said Sima Kostovetsky, the new Outreach Officer elected in June 2019, who continued the promotion of the survey. 

--A bright spot in the Survey was that Venetians generally felt safe in their own neighborhoods, with Abbot Kinney Boulevard regarded as the safest place in Venice.

Among the 99 Neighborhood Councils that represent communities across Los Angeles, the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) is one of the most established and one of the most successful — consistently having the highest voter turnout compared to that of any other neighborhood council. 

For more information, please contact Outreach Officer Sima Kostovetsky at: