Friday, May 21, 2021

Please Sign the Petition Calling on Officials to Clean-up Venice Beach

Remember when Venice Beach was second to only Disneyland in popularity?  You can see it in this photo from several years ago.

Since the pandemic and the idiotic decision by Councilman Bonin to let hundreds of transients - most from out-of-state - camp on our hometown beach, the Boardwalk has become a violent, drug-infested refugee camp.  There has been a succession of assaults, beatings, shootings, and fires, on a daily basis.  Residents and tourists no longer feel safe to visit.

I and other community leaders in Venice are asking everyone in the world who loves Venice Beach to stand with our community. 

We need 30K signatures to get action to clean-up our beach and return it to residents and visitors!

We have garnered over 1,000 signatures in just a couple days!

Please share this petition with everyone you know, on Facebook, etc. – including international friends and family! 

You can find the petition here: htt