Monday, June 7, 2021

VSA Organizing Crime Victims Press Conference

70-year old Singer Assaulted on Boardwalk.  Credit: Venice Current

Enough is Enough!

Venice Stakeholders is seeking Venice residents who have been the victim of crime at the hands of transients to join in a major press conference to draw attention to the extremely high number of assaults, home (and yard) invasions, car break-ins and thefts, fires, and bicycle thefts experienced by Venice residents at the hands of the homeless population.

Those residents who have been victims of any crimes in the last year please send your names(s), address and date and nature of the incident, and a photo of yourself to  If you have been attacked and injured, please send a photo of the injuries, if possible.  If two or three people were involved, such as a family or couple at home during a home invasion, please include a photo of all the family members.

Let us know if you will commit to attend the press conference.

Remember, our focus is on victims of crimes committed by a transient.

Once we have received all this information we will advise you of the date and location of the press conference.

Thanks!  Mark Ryavec, President