Sunday, July 28, 2019

LAMC 85.02 - Support Reinstatement of the Car Camping Ban in Residential Neighborhoods

On Tuesday, the City Council will vote to reinstate the lapsed 85.02 ordinance, which prohibits living in a vehicle in residential neighborhoods or near parks or schools.  It lapsed recently so LAPD is no longer enforcing.

This weekend a massive email campaign went out from homeless advocates to the city council asking that it not be reinstated.

To combat this effort, we all need to comment.  It isn't sending an email.  It's simply commenting on the issue on the council's website.  These comments become public record.

It's agenda item 19 on Tuesday.  Go to this link:

Click on the NEW option and leave your comment.  It's really important to do this.  The Mayor has the final say in all this but we need to voice our support of reinstatement.
Suggested wording:  I urge the city council to reinstate LAMC 85.02 - the ban on living in vehicles near schools, parks or in residential neighborhoods.
If you want to read the wording on the agenda item, please see 14-1057-S8  (item 19) at