Saturday, August 7, 2021

Venice Beach Camper Count Sunday, August 7, at 9:00 AM

 Venice Beach Camper Count Grows by 20%


At the end of a 22-mile bike ride I cruised the bike path in Venice, from Venice Boulevard to Santa Monica.

There are now 48 homeless campers (or "travelers," as the case may be), most scattered on the sand, representing a 20% increase since earlier in the week.  There are fewer tents and more tarps, backpacks, bedrolls and sleeping bags.

The Boardwalk and adjacent grass areas are relatively clear.

But the uptick in the number, particularly on the sand, makes one wonder where is the Sheriff's Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST Team).  

The maintenance of the sand, from the bike path to the water, is under the jurisdiction of the County Department of Beaches and Harbors, and that agency cannot operate its large sand-cleaning equipment when there are pockets with tarps, sleeping bags, tents and chairs.

It's time for the HOST Team to return to clear the sand so the Department can do its job. Maybe the politicians can get over their conflicts long enough to ask St. Joseph Center and LAHSA to deploy along with the HOST Team to offer these folks housing, too.
This fellow has been next to the basketball courts for a couple of weeks